Pop Art and Nostalgia | The Art of Jonathan Freyer

Woody Bike


One of a kind, hand-built woody bike out of Jonathan’s garage. Inspired by 1950s Woody cars, Jonathan crafted this bike to be a true representation of the era. You can see him riding it around Clairemont, San Diego.

Woodicus Headimus (2020)


Woodicus Headimus features Jonathan’s expert woodworking and integration of found objects to craft a one-of-a-kind sculpture piece.

UFO Lamp (2000)


Inspired by his love of UFOs and integrating found objects into art furniture pieces, UFO Lamp was born in 2000.

Lady In The Pool (2019)


Working from a vintage shoe shine box, Jonathan crafted Lady In The Pool in early-2019. The piece was featured in the Fine Art Show at the San Diego County Fair.

Pontiac (2020)


Jonathan worked on Pontiac in late 2019 and the project was completed in early 2020. The elements of Pontiac include found objects, a vintage car hood ornament, and expert woodworking. Pontiac will be showing at the 2020 Wood Show at the San Diego County Fair.

Mercury Eclipse (2017)


2017 saw Jonathan complete one of the best all around art works of his career. His lamp/clock table entitled Mercury Eclipse blends retro styles with modern aesthetics. The masterpiece will be featured at the 2017 San Diego County Fair Wood Show, the same show in 2016 that saw Jonathan take home a 2nd place ribbon […]

Lamp Clock (2016)


Lamp/Clock placed 2nd in the Art Furniture category at the 2016 San Diego County Fair