Pop Art and Nostalgia | The Art of Jonathan Freyer

Colonel Times Six (2020)

Colonel Times Six - Jonathan Freyer 2020

Jonathan puts a twist on Warhol’s pop art style with natural wood and brick textures. You’ve never seen the iconic KFC Colonel like this!

Sims (2019)


A crisp photo-realism piece produced in 2019 and entered into the Fine Art Show at the San Diego County Fair. The piece features an airbrushed sky and Jonathan’s expert color pencil work.

Roy’s Cafe (2019)


Jonathan produced this piece as part of a very productive 2019. Roy’s Cafe is a throwback to Jonathan’s early work and a class representation of his signature Photorealism style. This piece is a combination of color pencil and airbrush.

Lucha Libre de Los Muertos (2019)


Matching his love for pop art and intrigue of Mexican art, Jonathan produced Lucha Libre de Los Muertos in 2019. The piece ended up being a multi-media production, utilizing color pencil, ink, and airbrushing. This piece was an entry into the San Diego County Fair Fine Art Show.

Bentley Pop (2017)

Bentley Pop by Jonathan Freyer

Jonathan added to his pop-art collection in 2017 with a fun piece portraying his dog Bentley, introducing: Bentley Pop

Roboxes (2017)

Roboxes by Jonathan Freyer

Up next here in 2017 is a piece that had high hopes of making the San Diego County Fair Fine Art Show. Introducing: Roboxes  

Toy Time (2017)

Toy Time Jonathan Freyer

2017 has been a very productive year! Pleased to load Jonathan’s 2017 work to the site starting with the piece that was finished early in the year Toy Time

Bo Diddley (2016)

Bo Diddley - Jonathan Freyer - 2016

Bo Diddley “If You Don’t Know Bo You Don’t Know Diddley”

Shoes (2015)

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